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  President's Report

88 Dr. Robert Jones

Ask Not What The NMCA Can Do For You…

When I was younger (much younger) I used to compete in Pentathlon. I remember the surge of energy and excitement that I felt when rounding the final turn and getting a look at the finish line. With just 6 months left as NMCA President, I am feeling that surge. Only this time it is not the finish line that is providing that feeling. It is happenings within our great Association that have me feeling this way.

The energy, action and leadership that is emerging from members of our Executive Committee, the recent meeting in our South Central District, our new Executive Director and interest from some of our new NMCA members have reminded me of that age-old question asked by our great United States President John F. Kennedy in his inaugural address. What I see happening right now is an emergence of a mindset within NMCA members that is in step with that famous quote from President Kennedy, …ask what you can do for the NMCA.

If you have been thinking about getting more involved in NMCA Leadership, the time is now. We have a solid reputation in our legislature, we have had an influx of new members and have recently launched a membership drive under the guidance of our new Executive Director Diana Statzula, we had a very successful regional meeting hosted by Dr. Dominique Taylor and Linda Siegle with a bunch more planned around our state, our PAC is on the verge of landmark legislative achievements under the new leadership of Dr. J.C. Moore and continued dedication of Dr. Perlstein, our NMCA District Directors blew me away at our recent Board of Directors meeting with their reports outlining how much they are doing on their own to fight for all of us everyday.

On top of all that, Dr. Lyman Atchley and Dr. Herb Beatty showed up at our recent event and Rocked and Rolled with us into the night! How freakin’ cool is that?

Our upcoming Annual Convention will be a two day affair for the first time which means that there will be little time for a long drawn out speech from me at the Business Meeting. This will make a lot of you happy but it makes me sad. Except that in lieu of everything that I’ve written about in this article, I feel like I could just drop the microphone and walk off the podium with my head held high. Not because I am great…

Because you are!

Thank you all for who you are, for what you’re doing and for what you are making of the NMCA! I can’t wait to watch where this goes.

David W. Peer, DC-APC, CCSP, CEDIR
NMCA President

Letter From The Executive Director



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